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Tigra Sport Universal Mount Kits for Motorcycles, Bikes, Scooters and Mopeds


Tigra Sport has an impressive selection of Universal Smartphone Mounting kit solutions for the consumer who's looking for a custom solution for their motorcycle or bicycle.


Our new uFitGrip Universal Mount for Motorcycles and Bikes is perhaps one of the most secure handle mounts on the market, designed to work with almost every smartphone on available, inside or outside of a protective case. Both kits install in minutes!


The new U-Dry Motorcycle and Bicycle Kits are for that person who wants to ride with their smartphone in all conditions, yet keep it dry and secure on their motorcycle or bike. Kits comes with the Waterproof Dry Kit Pouch & a FitClic Neo mount, installs in minutes & fits most smartphones on the market.


The U-Tag Mount Kit is for that person who wants to ride with their smartphone inside its protective case. Simply add attach the U-Tag to the back of most aftermarket smartphone cases and click it on to either the FitClic Neo motorcycle ball mount or bike handlebar/stem strap mount.

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