Tigra Sport FitClic Neo

Tigra Sport FitClic Neo Smartphone Mount Case Kits: Slim, Strong, Secure & Versatile.

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I ordered a new Tigra Bike Kit. It was my 4th Tigra bike kit because I now have my 4th iPhone. I've love the previous version, but the new one is so much easier to attach and remove from the mount. When I placed the order on Amazon, I picked the wrong case and when I received it my phone didn't fit. I called Amazon and within 10 minutes I got a call from Tigra. They asked me what phone I had and when I told them, they said I ordered the wrong case. The person I spoke with said "no problem." I'll just send you the right case and when you get it, you can just send the other one back to us. Now this is awesome Customer Service! I made the mistake, not them. But they took care of it because Customer Satisfaction is very important. If you're a biker and like to have your phone with you when you ride, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TIGRA!

Dick from Atlanta, GA

The mount is very secure. It's just as fast to throw my iPhone on the mount as it is to slip it in my pocket. I cycled in some unfamiliar areas yesterday Having Google maps on my handlebars is invaluable. Most devices that are secure take a long time to attach. Most devices that quickly attach aren't very secure. This handlebar mount is the exception. It's both fast AND secure.

Barry from Orlando, FL

Amazing! How they all should go. Thanks!

Curt from Brighton, CO